I’m I a villain

I’m I a hero

I’m a person 

I’m one


it’s hard to think 

you are one

Being aware of it 


I’m alone in my head

I can share 

my thoughts


I have thoughts 

other people have them too


we all do 

we all are the main character in our story


there’s a million, a billion

there are endless stories


there is one story 

the story of humanity 

the story of the world

the story of the universe 

the story of god


I’m an isolated star

amongst other billion

I can see other’s light and they can see mine

its all depends on how close and polluted we are


I reflect the light I receive

I’m like the sun and the moon


I’m  I one ?

One with myself?

one with christ?

one with the world?

one with God?




Picture by Brendan Goose