in my head single cover.jpg

So It’s almost going to be a year since I released Pegasus. I’ve grown so much and have so much new stuff to share with all of you. Still I after “Free as Fire” I felt like I needed to give this a moment, specially because it shows a different side of me a lot people don’t see. A lot of would relate me with being charismatic, happy blah blah. But a lot of the times I feel I’m very introverted, I overthink a lot and sometimes can be very negative. In a social media driven world where all you see is everyone’s best talking about how we really feel can seem to be a hard thing to do. This song is pretty much about that, feeling confused, anxious being tiered of caring or thinking about what other people think about you. Here are there lyrics and a promo shoot I did

Excited to share everything for this era!