Free as fire music video coming Wednesday!

I'm super hype for this video to drop. As an immigrant living in the Trump era I felt so unrepresented,  scared, alone. But making this has been amazing expirience, I've met so many incredible people and feel so proud of my story. Come to the  release show at H0L0! 


"Free as Fire" is the fourth single off Pegasus

Hiii! So I know Pegasus is been out for a while but I've working on lots of things to finish this era off.  The  fourth single of it  will be "Free as fire"  . I really wanted to make a point by extending this era, now a days any one can make music and I see no one wants to put the effort to make a whole body work, specially when being an upcoming artist.  I want the Pegasus era to be a staple in time not for just me but everyone who follows what I do. We are few for now but I see you all and want to deliver quality of work that will stand the time and that will make your days brighter.

This song is the most personal  in the album, I wrote it after a terrible day on my rooftop. Living in New York and moving to follow your dreams is extremely hard, I've  faced the hardest of situations in here, from hunger, homelessness,  rejection and loneliness. Yet I don't let that stop me from making music.   All of this struggles have built my character and I'm really happy with who I'm becoming (shout out to Jesus for having my back on all this).



This is song is about seeing the bright in dark moments, I think the world is going though really dark times and I think music is just adding to the darkness, there is no message of hope being put in music. That's why Free as Fire is so important to me! If you are hopeless, sad,  depressed  put this on, it's really all gonna be good.

I don't know if you believe in God but I do, and he's taken me out  from the darkest of places. I've been making music in New York City for years and I'm from Colombia, I moved here and didn't know anyone and had nothing, now I have friends, people that support me, modeled from brands like converse and played with people that I admired since i was kid.  Have faith, there is anything you can be and you are free as fire <3 

There is a music video coming soon! also various things that will go with the song!

Also I  did a shoot a while ago when I was in San Antonio and I thought of sharing with as part of the announcement.

This  was a great shoot, there was this night club called Pegasus (I know crazy) and it was just prefectly on point to do a shoot there. Coincedently my outfit coordinated with the sign which was gr8. Any here are the pics 

they are all by Martin Delgado his ig is @cripplebird . He is Amazing make sure you check his pics out. 

PS: Shout out to the people who played all the instruments on it, this whole song is a collection of my New York friends at that time, Jeremy playing the guitar  (one of the best musicians I've met has a heart of gold) Eisley and and Jessie  (@magazinehusband) on back vocals, my brother Zach from @Suslife on the Trumpet and  Jason (@js_onca)  from the music inn in the percussion. 





ANTI merch pop up recap

Hi All :D

Thank you so much for coming to the ANTI merch pop up :)  It was a cold day and a little slushy but you still made it. Your smiles and hearts make all that I do worth it. Thank you