Featured on SOYYO Magazine!


I did an Interview for the Spring edition of SOYYO mag, here is little quote they featured. You cna order the full issue at www.soyyomag.com. It's really dope, features the works and wisdom from fellow NY local artists.   Also the picture is from my Shoot with my friend Martin (@cripplebird)  from San Antonio and the fit I got from an amazing vintage shop called Montage in Sant Antonio as well.

PS: Got more amazing pics from the shoot, can't wait to share w/ ya'll


I made a playlist :)

We live in a divisive world 🌎 💔algorithms and our circle’s of friends push us to things that are similar things we agree with . But if we are surrounded of things that are alike how can we grow? I decided to make a playlist with different types of music, from different individuals who’s music I love. Manchado & Friends a great playlist to expand your horizon


Listen here



W Radio Colombia Interview!

3719071_n_vir1 copy.jpg

So I did an interview W Radio Colombia! It's super exciting, ,they are a big radio station in Colombia. I talked about growing up being an artist in Bogota, moving to NY and more. Listen here <3 

ANTI merch pop up recap

ANTI merch pop up recap

Hi All :D

Thank you so much for coming to the ANTI merch pop up :)  It was a cold day and a little slushy but you still made it. Your smiles and hearts make all that I do worth it. Thank you 


ANTI MERCH - Produced by You. Pop Up Shop Dec 16!

ANTI MERCH - Produced by You. Pop Up Shop Dec 16!

Hii Everyone!

I'm happy to announce that I'm releasing my own Merch! It's called ANTI MERCH! The idea of it came from the fact that now a days everyone has merchandise to exploit their own personal brand. I don't really like the idea of being a product you buy but an artist that inspires people that's I why decided to create something that is not meant to be consumed but something enables you to have an experience and that gives you the chance to have  creative input on it.  I'm having a pop up shop this Saturday at the  526 E 11th st  from 3-6pm. The shirts will cost $20 and there will be space for you to paint and create :)

Excited to see you all this Saturday 

I was featured on Vfiles!

I'm so happy and thankful that I was featured on Vfiles. I remember watching their videos on Youtube in high school and now to be in it is such an honor. Read the interview here


Release Party Re Cap

Release Party Re Cap

Thank you everyone who came to last Friday! Your energy and support means the world to me. Here is a video of the party. Listen to Pegasus Here

Pegasus is Out NOW!

I'm so excited to have this album  come out finally! You can listen here It's been 3 years in the making I really can't wait for Friday to perform this New Music for you all!



I'm so excited to present to you the 3rd installation of the Manchado saga. Special Thanks to everyone that was involed, Pierce, Trishita, Angie, Nao, Annalisa, Miki, and Everyone involved. This was a huge production and wouldn't have been possible without my team <3



Listen to your heart 

Listen to your friends

Listen to your mom 

Listen to your boss

Listen to your body  when its 3am and you know got to wake up early 


Listen to the news

Listen to the real news

Listen to the people that want to help


Listen to people's actions

Listen to people's reactions


Listen to the forrest

Listen to the mountain 

Listen to the horses

Listen to the dogs


Listen to your present

Listen to your reflection

Listen to God 

Listen to your obstacles

Listen to your blessings

Listen to other people's blessings

Listen to your lessons



Just Listen 


Picture by @nemaetebar




I’m I a villain

I’m I a hero

I’m a person 

I’m one


it’s hard to think 

you are one

Being aware of it 


I’m alone in my head

I can share 

my thoughts


I have thoughts 

other people have them too


we all do 

we all are the main character in our story


there’s a million, a billion

there are endless stories


there is one story 

the story of humanity 

the story of the world

the story of the universe 

the story of god


I’m an isolated star

amongst other billion

I can see other’s light and they can see mine

its all depends on how close and polluted we are


I reflect the light I receive

I’m like the sun and the moon


I’m  I one ?

One with myself?

one with christ?

one with the world?

one with God?




Picture by Brendan Goose 


Building bridges

manchado in air

I've found how much I really want to start sharing the things I learn, having a blog will be a great opportunity for this. I love people and I love sharing