Born in Bogota Colombia in 1995,  Manchado grew up in an environment where being an artist was not encouraged still his passion and creativitywere part of his personality. At the age 8 he started writing music and by 12 he started producing his own demos. His passion to create was never limited to music, as a teenager he thought himself how to make his own clothes, code websites, and do graphic design.  Following his passion at age 18 Manchado moved by himself toNew York Cityto pursue music. Starting on the underground folk scene Manchado’s performance and type of music didn’t fit, after unsuccessfully trying to gather a band, Manchado decided to be his own band. He started producing his own beats and made that part of his performance, using a drum machine and building his instrumentals on stage. He also had a passion for dance he realized when he went out people at gatherings were joyful by seeing him dance, so he alsostarted incorporating this into his performance. 


He uses the people and the characters in his videos as metaphors to illustrate a bigger point about the human condition. His work is made with passion and reveals his truth at the moment.