Manchado is singer songwriter, producer, dancer and model from Bogota Colombia. From an early age Manchado showed signs of artistry writing his first songs at the age of 8 later started producing at the age of 12. He moved from Colombia to New York City in late 2014  at the age of 18 to pursue a career in music. After a year developing his sound  and performing in various open mics, he released his first single “Break” in winter of 2015. Later he was featured on World Star hip hop for his Later release “Out of Control” where they described him as “The next Michael Jackson”. 


Manchado is characterized by his colorful and unique style as well as for his music and performance which reminiscent of 80’s and 90’s pop with a modern day twist. His  visuals which are also a big part of Manchado’s staple are performed with intricate choreography and a  selection of New York cities underground personalities. Manchado has never been one the pack and this  is reflected in his  music videos where he illustrates his struggles of being as different from what is normal in society.


Manchado is an underground New York City jewel to be discovered this year alone he has performed next to Azealea Banks signee Paper Boy Prince, Lady Gaga's old performance partner Breedlove and has modeled for NYFW Rebook and Converse, as well as being one the main characteres in the independent publication "The messy heads" issue 4.  His recently released album “Pegasus”  is a coming of age story,  his experiences in pursuing music and finding himself, recognizing his strength, identity, and his wings- hence the album’s title. The album was favorably received by local blogs and outlets with a major feature on Vfiles.


Amognst his musical interested has started his own brand "Produced by Manchado" which consists of pieces of clothing he paints himself.